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Abracadabra Conversation Book1
作  者 Jimmy Chiu
ISBN 986-81327-0-3
版  本 平裝
適用對象 國小 中年級以上到成年適用之進階生活會話教材
價  格 NT$250
Open Sesame Abra Cadabra is designed to help students pick up oral patterns by primarily developing their listening skills.  This approach helps students to think and react in English. The book also strives to make English learning fun and easy.
All the conversation patterns are written in Oral Models, instead of Written Models.  Students can use these patterns with native speakers just like when native speakers use them with their students.
Every lesson contains 4 steps (warm-up, listening, language tasks, and homework), making them easy to teach.  All four steps on the same oral pattern but, also, apply these patterns in different scenarios.  This design allows for frequent practice to confirm that the aim of the lesson is achieved.
Every lesson starts with a humorous interaction used as a warm-up activity.  The activity is followed by different Real-Life Practices. This feature helps students more naturally apply these conversations in daily life.
Every lesson ends with a homework assignment that requires students to apply what they have learned in that lesson.  Therefore, teachers can easily check whether students comprehend the conversation taught.